Worst disaster in nearly 100 years, Japan’s  northeastern coast suffered a massive 8.9 earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami, and now nuclear meltdowns at power plants. Thousands of people were killed, injured, or displaced.

Having tides to Japan, naturally, we here at Hapa Culture were worried, but luckily, no friends or relatives were hurt by the earthquake/tsunami. Most of them were living in Tokyo area and southern part of Japan. However, we were saddened by the lost of lives and heartbroken for those who now have to deal with their lost of love ones, their homes, and their communities.

Hapa Culture is donating 10% of the proceed from the month of March to Japanese Red Cross Society to help those affected by the disaster. You can join our effort by purchasing Japanese erasers and stickers on our website, or simply make your donation to the Japanese Red Cross.

Japanese ER erasers


OMG, OMG!!!  Our Hapa Head Quarter has been invaded my alien robots!!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOLOL XD XD  Just kidding, we are talking about our new Space Alien Puffy Stickers, Robot Friends Gel Drop Stickers, and Robot Lover Gel Drop Stickers!

Our Space Alien Puffy Stickers skipped over Area 51 and Roswell, and arrived at our Hapa Head Quarter just last week!

The Space Aliens are so excited to arrive on Earth.  Despite their funny looks, they are really friendly and groovy!  Most of all, they are super excited to meet all our Japanese erasers friends here at Hapa Head Quarter!!!

Of course, we can’t leave out our Robot stickers friends!

Our Robot stickers friends have been hiding at our Hapa Head Quarter for a while now.  They would really really love to go out and have some fun in San Francisco, but they have to hide inside to avoid the rain and stay rust-free!!! LOLOL  Look at them!  They are getting a little restless here at the Hapa Head Quarter.  They are even trying to teach Hapa Hamster how to to the robot dance!! ROFL ROFL LOL HAAhahAHAHAH XD XD

Perhaps you can help us!  Take these Robot stickers friends home before Hapa Hamster dances her socks off!! LOLOL <3 XoXoXOxoxoXO


Hey guys and girls fans of Hapa Culture!!  We have been extremely excited this week because we are having some great new erasers being added to our Hapa erasers family!

Today, let me introduce you to six of our Koala erasers friends from the world down under.  And, ta da, here they are!

Our Koala erasers friends traveled 7416 miles (or 11,935 km for you Aussies) and arrived at our Hapa Head Quarter just last week!  They are super excited to meet all you Hapa fans out there!

Our Koala erasers friends are in six lovely and cute colors: gray, baby blue, mandarin, lavender, pink, and crayon green!  And guess what!?  They can’t wait to come and visit YOU!!  Don’t you just want to cuddle with them cute Koala erasers????  I know I do!! LOL

So, what are you waiting for?  Take them home now!!!


Witches and monsters and ghosts! Oh no! They’re all here in this Monster Mania sticker collection. Halloween stickerWe found this cutest Halloween sticker in Japan. These awesome Halloween stickers are perfect for Halloween, Halloween favors, Halloween gifts, Halloween party favors, children’s gifts, rewards, or as fun decorations. Check out our other Japanese kawaii stickers and more cute stickers from Asia. Who know stickers can be cute and scary at the same time! Happy Halloween!


Japanese Hamster Eraser

Hamster eraser riding on motorcycle eraser

The Japanese erasers at Hapa Culture are especially cool because they are puzzle erasers. You can take them apart and put them back together again. You can mix and match colors to create new erasers.

If you use your imagination you can pair the erasers up to create fun combinations.

For instance hamster erasers riding on motorcycle erasers like one of our fans did.It’s a fun way to use your imagination and play with the cute Japanese erasers. What about hamster erasers riding the cow erasers?


baby eraser and Lego plane

baby eraser and Lego plane

My 8-year-old son loves to build with Legos. He builds these elaborate planes, spaceships, and cars. Then he goes zipping around the house pretending to battle other armies or attempting rescue missions. One day he was in search of a pilot for his airplane. He spotted his collection of Japanese erasers and searched for the perfect pilot. The next thing I knew there was the brown hair baby eraser flying his Lego plane! My son said he tried the hamster eraser but he was too big, the Lego men were too tall but the baby eraser fit just perfectly. The baby eraser was even able to bring along his bottle on the rescue mission.

– Debbie


Hapa Culture is having another awesome sale right now, and they sure do have some cool erasers for some great prices. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

First up are these adorable drink and snack erasers. They are all kinds of different snacks in all different shapes, from bags to bottles. And there’s even a miniature bowl of microwave noodles! These drinks and snacks erasers are so adorable, especially for kids, that love snacktime! You can get them for $5.00 at the Hapa Culture sale.

How about these tiny toothbrush and toothpaste erasers? These are so adorable, and look so realistic. They would be a great reward for a kid just learning to brush! You get a set of six in all different colors, so there are plenty of ways to reward good dental hygiene. And they’re only $5.00 right now on Hapa Culture. Check them out here.

Next we have something a little different–these awesomely cute pencil topper erasers. Pencil topper erasers are a great way to make schoolwork a little more fun! You can choose from six different sets: apples, gorillas, dolphins, dinosaurs, hands, and strawberries. These erasers are especially fun to trade, so pick up several sets while the sale is still going on! They’re available right now for only $0.75! Look here.


On the Hapa Culture website, there is a whole world of adorable erasers for you to collect and enjoy. Hapa Culture has some of the cutest and most unique erasers out there. And the best part is, they are getting new ones all the time! Every time I check, there is something new and awesome on there.

Let’s talk about some of my favorites on the website right now. In my opinion, these are MUST for any japanese eraser collection. But that’s just me! If your style is different than mine, there are hundreds of other erasers for sale on the Hapa Culture website. One (or twelve) of them is sure to strike your fancy!

First, let’s talk about this set of panda erasers. Pandas are some of the most rare and endangered animals in the world. They are also some of the most adorable. People love pandas so much that they wait in long lines at the San Diego Zoo (one of the few places where pandas are kept in captivity) just to catch a glimpse of these furry, big-eyed creatures. Panda erasers are some of the most popular on the Hapa Culture site–so popular, in fact, that they often sell out! To help you get your panda fix, Hapa Culture created this awesome set of six adorable pandas. They come in black, brown, green, purple, pink, and teal. Best of all, they are puzzle erasers, meaning you can take them apart and put them back together. You can even mix and match the pieces to make your own colorful creations. Click here to learn more about them.

Next up, we have these totally cute summer vegetable erasers. If you’re like me, you just can’t wait for summer to hurry up and get here this year. And one of the best parts about summer is the delicious fresh fruits and veggies that are in season. In this set, we have peas in the pod, a red bell pepper, an eggplant, and a luscious ripe summer tomato. They, like the pandas, are puzzle erasers, which just adds to the fun. If these won’t get you to eat your veggies, I don’t know what will. Best of all, they are on sale right now! Click here to learn more.

Speaking of summer, how about these cute flowers and watering can erasers? If you love flowers and gardening, or if they just remind you of the warm, happy days of summer, these mini erasers are for you. The set comes with a pot of yellow flowers eraser, a pot of purple roses eraser, a red bouquet eraser, a pink bouquet eraser, an orange bouquet eraser, and a watering pitcher can eraser in your choice of red or yellow. If you don’t want to waste these erasers on your schoolwork (and who could blame you?), these flower erasers make perfect accessories for dollhouses. So whether you want to add some summer flowers to your pencil box or your doll’s window box, you should order this adorable set of flower erasers. Click here for more info.

Thanks for stopping by! Check our blog next week for more adorable erasers!