Hapa Culture carries a world of miniature Japanese erasers. We have sushi erasers, animal erasers, food erasers, puzzle erasers and more! All of our erasers are made in Japan from non-toxic rubber in an eco friendly manufacturing facility.



Hapa Culture loves fun projects. These piperoids are robots made with paper pipes. With only scissors, you can create piperoid characters that are fun to make, play with, and imagine their adventures. We also have a great collection of origami paper and origami projects.

New stickers are here! Check out the new cute animal stickers, puffy stickers, fuzzy stickers, gel drops stickers, and Japan’s most popular stickers – water stickers, with water, glitters, and beads inside each sticker!

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Welcome to HapaCulture! We offer the highest quality Japanese erasers made by Iwako of Japan. All of our kids erasers are made from non-toxic, lead-free rubber and are safe for children ages 3 and over. Take a look to see how our Iwako erasers are made. We strive to keep our production process green and eco-friendly. Unlike other erasers, our colors are mixed into the rubber itself, not painted on, so the colors will never disappear, and never rub off on your paper. Our take apart erasers are not just beautifully crafted, they are also a fun puzzle with many parts. We are excited to be able to offer such a wide variety of these creative erasers, and we are always making new and unique models to share with you.

HapaCulture is also proud to offer a vast collection of Japanese kawaii stickers with many cute themes and fun textures. Like our erasers, our stickers are safe for children ages 3 and older. These cute stickers are the perfect little gift and are great for rewarding kids. Children, teachers, and parents love our unique collection of stickers.

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper without cutting the paper or using glue. We have lots of fun age-appropriate origami projects and beautiful origami paper that comes with instructions and unique project ideas. We also offer Piperoids, the paper craft robot collection. These Piperoid robots are fun to make for kids, adults, and collectors.

Soon, our bilingual Japanese/English wedding invitations and announcements will be available. Check out our blog to find out when and to keep up with HapaCulture news and sales.