Supermom to two kids and an avid gardener and outdoor enthusiast, Debbie was born and raised in Hawaii…which explains her easy laugh and her penchant for making a mean Spam Musubi sushi. She loves playing volleyball and her ‘ukulele, and has a collection of PEZ dispensers.


Budding photographer, potato chip enthusiast and amateur bartender Finsen used to collect old coins, stamps, and paper currency, but his big interest was erasers. An eraser collector since childhood, Finsen has fond memories of the soccer balls and pea pods, and muses in Russian that they are just as cool after all of these years.



When not working or chasing after her active toddler, former child prodigy Wei collects stickers, unusual food packaging, retro Asian Polynesian images, and old world globes. An artist and the granddaughter of a shaman, Wei is always on the lookout for artsy, quirky new items for Hapa Culture.



sidney noah


Even though they are busy with school, Sidney and Noah not only find time to be our market research team, they also love playing sports, reading, hanging out with their friends, and collecting erasers.