Worst disaster in nearly 100 years, Japan’s  northeastern coast suffered a massive 8.9 earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami, and now nuclear meltdowns at power plants. Thousands of people were killed, injured, or displaced.

Having tides to Japan, naturally, we here at Hapa Culture were worried, but luckily, no friends or relatives were hurt by the earthquake/tsunami. Most of them were living in Tokyo area and southern part of Japan. However, we were saddened by the lost of lives and heartbroken for those who now have to deal with their lost of love ones, their homes, and their communities.

Hapa Culture is donating 10% of the proceed from the month of March to Japanese Red Cross Society to help those affected by the disaster. You can join our effort by purchasing Japanese erasers and stickers on our website, or simply make your donation to the Japanese Red Cross.

Japanese ER erasers