OMG, OMG!!!  Our Hapa Head Quarter has been invaded my alien robots!!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOLOL XD XD  Just kidding, we are talking about our new Space Alien Puffy Stickers, Robot Friends Gel Drop Stickers, and Robot Lover Gel Drop Stickers!

Our Space Alien Puffy Stickers skipped over Area 51 and Roswell, and arrived at our Hapa Head Quarter just last week!

The Space Aliens are so excited to arrive on Earth.  Despite their funny looks, they are really friendly and groovy!  Most of all, they are super excited to meet all our Japanese erasers friends here at Hapa Head Quarter!!!

Of course, we can’t leave out our Robot stickers friends!

Our Robot stickers friends have been hiding at our Hapa Head Quarter for a while now.  They would really really love to go out and have some fun in San Francisco, but they have to hide inside to avoid the rain and stay rust-free!!! LOLOL  Look at them!  They are getting a little restless here at the Hapa Head Quarter.  They are even trying to teach Hapa Hamster how to to the robot dance!! ROFL ROFL LOL HAAhahAHAHAH XD XD

Perhaps you can help us!  Take these Robot stickers friends home before Hapa Hamster dances her socks off!! LOLOL <3 XoXoXOxoxoXO