Hey guys and girls fans of Hapa Culture!!  We have been extremely excited this week because we are having some great new erasers being added to our Hapa erasers family!

Today, let me introduce you to six of our Koala erasers friends from the world down under.  And, ta da, here they are!

Our Koala erasers friends traveled 7416 miles (or 11,935 km for you Aussies) and arrived at our Hapa Head Quarter just last week!  They are super excited to meet all you Hapa fans out there!

Our Koala erasers friends are in six lovely and cute colors: gray, baby blue, mandarin, lavender, pink, and crayon green!  And guess what!?  They can’t wait to come and visit YOU!!  Don’t you just want to cuddle with them cute Koala erasers????  I know I do!! LOL

So, what are you waiting for?  Take them home now!!!